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Medicaid Services Manual - Complete Document in PDF Format (1387 pages - 19.4 MB) Current Version 2-26-2015


Table of Contents

Medicaid services and the policies that govern those services can be found in the chapters of the Medicaid Services Manual (MSM). As a provider, you should be familiar with your specific chapter, as well as Chapter 100, Eligibility, Coverage and Limitations, Chapter 3100, Hearings, and Chapter 3300, Surveillance, Utilization and Review Subsystem. Manual Transmittal Letters (MTLs) are chapters or sections of the chapter that are pending revisions. Once they have been approved through the public hearing process the changes are then incorporated into the Chapter. A history of all revisions (MTLs) are kept under each Chapter.

100-Medicaid Program (ARCHIVES)

200-Hospital Services (ARCHIVES) 300-Radiology Services (ARCHIVES) 400-Mental Health and Alcohol/Substance Abuse Services (ARCHIVES) 500-Nursing Facilities (ARCHIVES) 600-Physician Services (ARCHIVES) 700-Rates and Cost Containment (ARCHIVES) 800-Laboratory Services (ARCHIVES) 900-Private Duty Nursing (ARCHIVES) 1000-Dental (ARCHIVES) 1100-Ocular Services (ARCHIVES) 1200-Prescribed Drugs (ARCHIVES) 1300-DME, Disposable Supplies and Supplements (ARCHIVES) 1400-Home Health Agency (ARCHIVES) 1500-Healthy Kids Program (ARCHIVES) 1600-Intermediate Care for the Mentally Retarded (ARCHIVES) 1700-Therapy (ARCHIVES) 1800-Adult Day Health Care (ARCHIVES) 1900-Transportation Services (ARCHIVES)

2000-Audiology Services (ARCHIVES)

2100-Home and Community Based Waiver (MR) (ARCHIVES) 2200-Home and Community Based Waiver (HCBW) for the Frail Elderly (ARCHIVES) 2300-Physical Disability Waiver (ARCHIVES) 2400-Home Based Habilitation Services (HBHS) (ARCHIVES) 2500-Case Management (ARCHIVES) 2600- Intermediary Service Organization (ARCHIVES) 2700-OBSOLETE (ARCHIVES)

2800-School Based Child Health Services (ARCHIVES)

3000-Indian Health (ARCHIVES)

3100-Hearings (ARCHIVES) 3200-Hospice (ARCHIVES) 3300-Program Integrity (ARCHIVES) 3400-Telehealth Services (ARCHIVES) 3500-Personal Care Services Program (ARCHIVES) 3600-Managed Care Organization (ARCHIVES) 3700-OBSOLETE (ARCHIVES)

3800-Care Management Organization and Medical/Health Homes (ARCHIVES)

3900-Home and Community - Based Waiver (HCBW) for Assisted Living (ARCHIVES)

Addendum-MSM Definitions (ARCHIVES)


NV 0152 Frail Elderly Renewal

National Governor's Association (NGA)

State Innovative Model (SIM) Program

SIM Follow Up Communication

SIM Innovative Care Comments

HCBS New Rule Information


Ordering, Prescribing or Referring Providers (OPR)

Self-Attestation Form for Eligible Providers and Statement of Responsibility

DHHS - Office of Health Information Technology (HIT)

Nevada Compare Care - Transparency in Health Care

Nevada Enterprise Medicaid Modernization (NEMMo)

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